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Easy Pass Driving School service suburbs such as Balwyn. Balwyn is located 10 km east of Melbourne’s Central Business District. If you are a Balwyn driving school, Easy Pass has great passing rates. At Easy Pass Driving School, the great instructors will teach you the steering method and control as well as breaking using mirrors. One of the important lessons you will need as a student driver is making sure to look at your blind spot.

At Easy Pass Driving School, the will revise this important technique as it is a paramount skill to have in order to keep our roads safe. At Easy Pass Driving School, you will get taught how to use your mirrors, use your signals correctly, use your headlights on low and high beams. It is important that you are safe and know how to your all buttons on your dash board. At Easy Pass Driving School our dedicated instructors will teach you all the Low Speed Manoeuvres necessary to drive safely on our roads.These maneuvers are:

U-turns, straight reversing,
45-degree angle parking,
90-degree angle parking,
3 point turns and reverse park.

It is important at Easy Pass Driving School that the skills are learnt and mastered. At Easy Pass Driving School Balwyn, it is imperial to learn Gap Selection and Judgement while driving.

Balwyn Driving School Instructor

The driver’s reaction time to hazards and knowing how to deal with them is something that is explain by instructors at Easy Pass Driving School. Your speed control is very important and must be maintained as the stated signs indicate. Many Balwyn driving schools teach their students to drive, but at Easy Pass Driving School we endeavor to make our learner the best road users in Melbourne.

At Easy Pass Driving School, we use a training Record of skills that need to taught. On our list you will find skills such as overtaking, correct lane use, Lane changing, your general position on road, following other vehicles at a safe distance and using a safe and correct clearance; just to list a few.

At Easy Pass Driving School Balwyn, the instructors want to make sure that all their students pass their final exam the first time. If you ever have any questions, the instructors will happily answer and provide you with feedback.

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Naeem and Anita have over 30 years’ experience combined, they are understanding and very knowledgeable instructors that will assist you in getting your first drivers licence journey in suburbs such as Balwyn.

At Easy Pass Driving School, we offer senior classes as well as refresher courses. We also focus on international licence and interstate students. Easy Pass Driving School has very patient Male and Female trainers. All driver trainers are well spoken and live locally.

At Easy Pass Driving School all our driver trainers hold Certificate IV Accreditation, have undergone police checks, driving and medical checks and retain working with children identification cards. We take clients from all areas of Melbourne including Balwyn. At Easy Pass Driving School we are dedicated to road safety, our objectives are to significantly minimize collisions by making each driver safer.

We take an innovative approach to corporate driver training. We focus on the driver and their attitude behind the wheel. Our program is designed to help your employees create the right state of mind whilst in the vehicles and teach them strategies to avoid a crash. These professional driving lessons are structured to meet the needs of the learner. If a learner comes in with some driving knowledge, the instructors know how to pinpoint any weaknesses, and further teach the learner better driving skills.

Being a new driver means that the learner may feel nervous or overcome when getting behind the wheel. One of the key reasons to obtain professional driving lessons is the instructor is trained in being both patient and knowledgeable.

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