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If you are after a driving school in Burwood, Easy Pass Driving School is the school for you. Easy Pass Driving School takes students from many areas such as Burwood and its surrounding suburbs.

Easy Pass Driving School ‘s instructors are happy to pick students up from Burwood and drop them off anywhere they wish. Taking manual classes in Burwood is very easy all they have to do is to contact Easy Pass Driving School. At Easy Pass Driving School, the instructors are very well versed in Adult learning principles and know the best ways in which adults learn. For example, adults bring life experiences and knowledge into their learning, they know what they need to learn and need to see the relevance of the learning, most are also practical. This is important to the learner driver training as most of their student will be adults. If you are after a Burwood Driving School, Easy Pass Driving School will be able to assist you as they take many students from Burwood.One of the licensing centres are located in Burwood, Easy Pass instructors can book these assessments for you.

Burwood Driving School Instructor

Easy Pass Driving School instructors know that It is important to provide clear and short instructions for students so they can fully understand what is expected of them.They know that it is important to introduce new information that is manageable and progressive as the student will need not to over/under teach skills and will need to teach these skills in consecutive order. For example, you must teach certain skills before moving on to the next.It is important to assess and monitor a learner driver’s limitation as you can build upon future lesson and focus on what the student needs to further improve on. If you are after a Burwood Driving School, Easy Pass Driving School can assist in teaching you the many road rules in Victoria. When you are looking for a Burwood Driving school, it is very likely that the instructors will need personal information from you.

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At Easy Pass Driving School, you will need: your full name, date of birth, address, contact number, learners permit or licence number and permit or licence expiry date. Feel comfortable that all sensitive information will be confidential and not shared with a third party. In the suburb of Burwood, Easy Pass Driving School provide many services, the main three services they provide are: Driving Lessons, Licence test/lesson here in the suburb of Burwood and refresher Sessions if you previously had your licence or had an international licence. In Burwood, there is a Licensing centre in which Easy Pass Driving School can take you there for your assessment.

At Easy Pass Driving School we have been teaching all levels of students. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they have the skills, knowledge and ability to drive safely on the road. We offer Driving lessons in many suburbs around Melbourne CBD, as well as suburbs like Burwood. We have a variety of driving lesson options to suit every learner driver and budget, in both automatic and manual dual controlled vehicles.

We teach you the skills necessary to become a confident driver quicker so you can pass your driving test the first time and most importantly be a safe driver for life.

We, at Easy Pass driving school, is committed to providing the best for our students and getting you results. At Easy Pass Driving School we bring extensive experience, knowledge and professional etiquette to the Burwood Driving School. The Burwood Driving School instructor’s value for teaching is evident through their teaching style, techniques and the enlightened atmosphere they maintain.

In addition to their experience, all our instructors have completed certificate IV qualification and continuously upgrade their knowledge in order to ensure their teaching material is up-to-date.

All our instructors bring determination and knowledge to the field and their extensive experience acquired throughout their lifetime, they are there to help, inform and advance future students with similar interests.