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Southbank is a suburb south of Melbourne, there is a large concentration of apartment livingin the south of Melbourne’s Central Business District. Southbank is a buzzing suburb with public transport. It is important that learner drivers learn how to drive in busy areas such as Southbank with Trams, trucks, bike, bus and cars. Southbank driving schools such as Easy Pass Driving School will teach you the correct driving rules that Melbourne has, for example rules associated with trams, hook turns and the many varieties of roundabouts found in the Melbourne.

Easy Pass Driving School in Southbank offer free lessons as well as longer hours and vouchers. So why not surprise your loved ones and buy them vouchers for Easy Pass Driving School so we can take them in around Southbank and hopefully do our best to pass their driving test 1st time too. Longer lessons from Easy Pass Driving School turns out to be a little bit cheaper as well and it gives you more time to drive around Southbank so you can get ready for the test and finish your hours. Easy Pass driving in Southbank can provide you with feedback on your driving as well as your test results. We endeavor to teach you what you need to learn, and we know that each student is different and have different needs. So at Easy Pass Driving School we cater specifically on what you need to learn, we will not waste your time or money. When you are ready for your test we can arrange for a mock test and you feel comfortable we can arrange a test at any licensing center.

Southbank Driving School Instructor

Instructors at Easy Pass Driving School in Southbank will ensure all feedback given to their students is useful allowing students to reflect upon it in order to improve.
Easy Pass Driving School in Southbank know the importance of teaching their students how to drive safely in many of the road conditions. It is important to learn to drive in peak traffic, night driving, wet weather as well as gravel road driving. All these conditions of driving can introduce new learning experiences for students at Easy Pass Driving School in Southbank.

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Southbank is a colourful busy suburb in Melbourne’s CBD. It is important to learn how to drive in the main city as it is very different when you drive in outer Melbourne. Hook turns are integral part of Melbourne’s road rules. Another important aspect of driving is freeway driving and merging this is another activity that at Easy Pass Driving School you will learn, Southbank. As Melbourne is a populated city, the main CBD is buzzing with traffic. As a student learner you need to feel comfortable driving is these conditions, you can guarantee that Easy Pass Driving School will make you feel at ease whilst driving in Southbank.


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